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From what started as just an idea between a few girls hanging out at a coffee shop, who each had a passion for mountain biking, has transformed into this amazing community of women. Our goal is to empower other women to live life to its fullest, step outside of their comfort zones, and build life long friendships. The foundation and roots of our sisterhood is to get more women, JUST LIKE YOU, riding a bike! There is no right or wrong, and ANY woman can ride a bike if she is willing to learn. We have several ladies who can attest to this! One of our only basic rules is that we all must be patient with one another and always encouraging. No one is perfect, most especially ourselves, and therefore we do not expect you or anyone else to be perfect. Mountain biking is about enjoying the beauties of nature, challenging our mind and bodies, and of course, feeling like a kid again!

As the founders of Dirt Side Sisters we thrive on teaching the essential and fundamental skills of mountain biking in a fun and safe, learning environment. The fundamentals are what make up our foundation, and without them we put ourselves at greater risk for injury. With this in mind, we hold skills clinics that will help you grow as a rider and give you confidence on the trails. Our weekly Dirt Side Sisters group rides and clinics are held all around DFW. Because we have grown tremendously since 2014, our ride leader team has also grown so that we can accommodate the demand of our beginner riders moving up to an intermediate level. Growth, both in numbers and in skill, is a GREAT "problem" to have and we are beyond excited to see what the future holds for Dirt Side Sisters!

So whether you're brushing off that old bike sitting in your garage, you're a seasoned rider, or it's your first time ever to ride in the dirt, we would love to ride with you! Please join us for our next group ride or clinic and be ready to laugh, learn, and take your riding to another level!

Happy Trails!


Lisa Uranga & Lorinda Putter

Founders of Dirt Side Sisters 

Dirt Side Sisters is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Our mission is to create a gateway to #getmorewomenriding mountain bikes confidently by increasing their skills and building community around them


Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex

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