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Why Become a Member?

Dirt Side Sisters wants to help you grow in skill and confidence on your bike! Our community of passionate women are here to support you and freely provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your riding.

We are deeply rooted in teaching and guiding women like you through your mountain biking journey! Be a part of our mission to #getmorewomenriding!

All funds will directly support our Dirt Side Sisters organization in the means of event insurance, administrative fees, business expenses, maintaining our membership website, borrow-a-bike program, equipment for trail obstacles, snacks and drinks for events, and any other essentials that will help us keep the fun going and your wheels rolling!

What's Included In a MemberSHip?

  • Member only rides and events
  • Text message notifications
  • DSS Member Forum
  • DSS Buy/Sell/Trade Forum
  • DSS Ride Orientation (Covers all touch points of our previous Rock Solid Mountain Bike Foundations Skills Clinic, i.e. body position, braking, shifting gears, trail scanning.)
  • Our NEW Hawaiian Water Bottle, custom ESI Grips, DSS Lip  Balm, and MORE!!! ($45 value)
  • Free DSS Bike Maintenance Clinics (up to a $60 value)
  • 15% off of the regular price on DSS Cycling Kits! 
  • EXCLUSIVE 40% discount on Yakima products*
  • EXCLUSIVE 40% discount off products from www.ESIGrips.com
  • $50 off a full 3-D Motion Capture Dynamic Bike Fit with Saddle Pressure Mapping
  • 15%  off entry fees for Terra Firma races
  • Discounts on Dirt Side Sisters apparel and accessories

* All discounts offered with a Dirt Side Sisters Membership are for personal use only.  Products purchased are intended for the sole and exclusive use of the purchaser and will not be extended to friends, family, or that buddy you bumped into at the trailhead. Pricing shall remain confidential and not shared with the general public. Please don't discuss with others, especially with your local retailer. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED.



members also receive a free DSS Water bottle!

  • 1 Pair of Custom ESI Grips ($20.99 value)
  • Dirt Side Sisters Water Bottle ($12.00)
  • Chamois Butt'r Samples
  • Dirt Side Sisters Lip Balm!


    We understand that although we share a common interest and passion to #getmorewomenriding not everyone has an interest in racing. Our goal is to provide support to both women who are riding for fitness and fun as well as those who wish to participate in a racing atmosphere. For this reason we have created our DSS Racing Team simply to provide a separate channel of communication and help the conversations in each forum be more specific to the audience. To read more about our racing team click here.


    DSS Racing Members have access to ALL discounts & perks of an Annual DSS Membership PLUS:

    • Private Clinics
    • Monthly Team rides for ALL levels!
    • Group pre-rides at team races
    • Option to purchase a DSS Racing jersey and kit!
    • Private forum and where you can ask questions and get tips from experienced racers
    No Racing Experience Required!

    Are You Interested In?

      • Meeting new riding buddies?
      • Entering your first race?
      • Learning new skills and training strategies?
      • Having a support system to help you grow as a rider?
      • Team events? (both fun and competitive)

    Dirt Side Sisters is all about teaching and helping women make the most out of their mountain biking experience! How does all that apply to racing??? Because racing is FUN!!! Whether you'd enjoy teaming up with your girlfriends for the next local endurance event, pushing your limits, or riding as fast as you can through the woods, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Racing creates such a unique environment with both family and friends. The energy filled atmosphere, amazing support, and camaraderie are nearly impossible to duplicate! 

    Dirt Side Sisters Racing is a community of women who thrives from positive relationships. We are all about carpooling together, encouraging one another, and celebrating each others successes at the end, whether your goal is to simply make it across the finish line, complete your first race, or stand on the podium! 

    Dirt Side Sisters is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Our mission is to create a gateway to #getmorewomenriding mountain bikes confidently by increasing their skills and building community around them


    Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex

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